What's Ravigoli?

Ravigoli is an online ordering platform for K-12 Cafeterias. Many fast food chains have been able to use modern technology to allow customers to pre-order their food. It's fast, efficient and easy.

We're bringing that same technology to the cafeteria. Simply use your phone and in a few taps, your order is sent off and ready in time for lunch.

Where is Ravigoli available?

Ravigoli is currently being beta tested with a small group of students at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska. It will be rolled out to the rest of Millard Public School high school students after winter break.

Other institutions will be to sign up sometime in early 2017. We'll be updating our Twitter with the launch date once a firm date is set.

I'm interested in bringing Ravigoli to my school

Let's get in touch! You can contact us at hello@getlunchtray.com

I'm a member of the press looking to learn more

You can contact us at press@getlunchtray.com.

How do you pronounce Ravigoli?

Same as "ravioli" but in the middle you say "go" instead of "oh."

Who made Ravigoli?

Ravigoli is a product of LunchTray in collaboration with Millard Public Schools.